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Beetle Kill Pine

We carry a line of Beetle Kill Pine (aka: Blue Stain Pine) cabinets and furniture. These products are locally made and are of the highest quality. We have some of these products on display in our showroom , so please be sure to ask for them.

We can help Mother Nature…..


We are experiencing a “beetle-kill-Pine” pandemic in the Rockies. The Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) bores through the bark of the pine tree. Their lifestyle creates a fungus in the wood and, sadly, kills the tree. The blue/grey and black discoloration that occurs creates a very rustic and desired look. Although this has been devastating to much of the forest, we can help the environment by harvesting this unique and beautiful wood. For those of us wanting a true mountain feel in our homes, by taking advantage of this freak of Nature, we help prevent forest fires, help stop the spread of the beetle, AND enjoy the look of this gorgeous “creation” in our cabinetry and home furnishings.


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